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Most delegates will arrive by aeroplane to one of two near airports.

Gold Coast has its own airport, Gold Coast Airport servicing mainly internal flights, but also New Zealand and Asia, and international connections via Melbourne and Sydney. Information on transfers to Surfers Paradise can be found

It is also possible to fly into Brisbane airport with the connecting train and bus services to Surfers Paradise taking 2 - 2.5 hours. Information on transfers to Surfers Paradise can be found and

Prefered Flight Specialist


We know Australia is a long way for most and so we have partnered up with a flight specialist who can look at your route and by offering advice on your chosen dates, routes, stop-overs, choice of airline and so on, our experts can look at getting you the best deal out there, all for a small £10.00GBP booking fee.

For more information about this service, when booking your flights please contact "All About Flights" on

We look forward to welcoming you to Australia in 2018!

Note that flight schedules and prices are made available by airlines 11 months before the flight. The best prices are often available early.

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